Hello, fellow sumo enthusiasts. Welcome to this blog. I am a former sumo wrestler, and I am on a mission to spread the Japanese national sport of sumo to the world. Through this self-introduction, I will share my passion for sumo and the goals of this blog.

My passion for sumo began in my childhood. As a child, I loved watching sumo and was captivated by its power and tradition. The allure of sumo lies in its unique culture, techniques, and unwavering spirit. That's why I chose the path of a sumo wrestler and tested my own strength through numerous matches and training sessions.

My experience as a sumo wrestler taught me many valuable lessons. Sumo is not just a sport; it shapes one's way of life and spirit. Through rigorous training in the sumo stable and battles against opponents, I learned the importance of self-transcendence and mental strength. I also came to appreciate the significance of sumo as a part of Japanese culture and the importance of preserving its traditions.

However, my passion for sumo extends beyond my experience as a wrestler. Rather, it has grown stronger through that experience, driving me to want to share sumo with more people. I believe that sumo's beauty and uniqueness should be recognized worldwide. That is one of the goals of this blog.

In this blog, I will cover various aspects of sumo, sharing its allure, history, rules, and the incredible stories of sumo wrestlers. Additionally, I will provide detailed explanations of sumo matches and the fundamentals of sumo to help newcomers and fans gain a deeper understanding of the sport.

Furthermore, I will not forget to contribute to international sumo. Sumo should be loved not only in Japan but all around the world. Therefore, I will provide information about international sumo tournaments and events and contribute to the global promotion of sumo.

This blog aims to provide information for sumo enthusiasts, beginners, and new fans, serving as a platform to share the charm of sumo and grow together. Through my passion and knowledge, let's spread sumo to more people and share the pride in Japan's national sport.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this blog and that you can share in my passion for sumo. Let's enjoy and promote the world of sumo together. Thank you for your support.