What is a Sumo yobidashi?

This section explores the role of the yobidashi, who is dressed in kimono and hakama, calls out the rikishi's shikona names and carries a prize curtain around the sumo ring. Yobidashi call out the names of rikishi from the east and west before each bout with an open fan on the ring. Yobidashi also hand out paper to wipe the rikishi's mouths when they are to be given strength water. Yobidashi also sweep sand from the ring, beat drums, and perform a variety of other roles.

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A wide variety of yobidashi-out jobs

The yobidashi's job is not limited to simply calling out. Beating taiko drums is also a yobidashi's job, and they are played in the morning and in the afternoon. The first drum is played at 8:00 a.m. and the second drum is played at 6:00 p.m., when the bow-twirling ceremony is over and the drummers begin their work). The yobidashi is the first drum to be played at 8:00 a.m. Yobidashi also perform a wide variety of other duties, such as maintaining the ring, carrying the prize flags, and informing the rikishi of the time limit.

Distinctive costumes of the yobidashi

Yobidashi wear unique costumes. They wear tatezuke hakama and tabi socks, and hold a fan when yobidashi are called upon. This costume allows for ease of movement and is suitable for performing a variety of tasks. The yobidashi also spread out their fans when they are called upon, a measure that has been shown to prevent spit from flying into the sacred ring. The fan used by the yobidashi is considered to be white and plain.

While the rikishi are undoubtedly the stars of sumo, the ring is also supported by a variety of supporting roles, such as events and invocations.

The yobitdashi featured in this article are not prominent, but they are indispensable in the grand sumo world, which would be troubled without them.

My recommended yobidashi 3 people

1, Kunio :The most in the world of sumo calling The most beautiful voice

2,  rikinojo :Unique and beautiful voice, unforgettable once you hear it.

3,  rokuro : She has a beautiful voice.


While the rikishi are certainly the stars of the sumo ring, yobidashi and other supporting actors are also important supporters of the Dohyo (ring). They call out the rikishi's yobidashi names, build the dohyo, maintain the dohyo, beat the taiko drums, and perform a variety of other roles to keep the grand sumo show running smoothly. We must not forget that their special costumes and unique roles are part of the charm of sumo, supporting not only the action in the dohyo but also the entire event. Together with the rikishi, the yobidashi are a valuable part of keeping the tradition and glory of sumo alive.

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