The three Yokozuna with the most wins in the sumo world

Today, I will introduce the three wrestlers who have won the most titles among the Yokozuna, the most prestigious title in the world of sumo. These wrestlers have made their mark in the history of sumo with their outstanding skills and strength. And among them is a stable master who took care of me during my active days, and I am writing this article with a nostalgic feeling

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First Place: Hakuho

The Grand Yokozuna with the highest number of victories and wins. The second Mongolian-born Yokozuna, he is the son of a father who was a great Yokozuna in Mongolian sumo. Upon blossoming his talent and being promoted to Yokozuna, he demonstrated invincible strength. He polished his spirit, technique, and physique, and became a Grand Yokozuna. Currently, he is supporting the sumo world as the stablemaster of Miyagino.

Place of Birth Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
 Date of Birth March 11, 1985
Real Name Munhbat Davaajargal
 Affiliated Sumo Stable Miyagino
Debut Date March 2001 tournament
Retirement Date Autumn 2021 tournament
Makuuchi Tenure 103 tournaments
Makuuchi Record 1093 wins, 199 losses, 253 rest
Winning Percentage 0.846
Number of Championships 45 times
Height 192 cm
Weight 154 kg

Second Place: Taiho

The Grand Yokozuna of the Showa era, boasting 32 victories. He held impressive records such as 8 undefeated championships, 2 six-time consecutive championships, and a 45-match winning streak. He became a national superstar, so popular during the Showa era that his name became a buzzword. He was promoted to Ozeki at the youngest age in history, at 20 years and 6 months. He was promoted to Yokozuna at 21 years and 3 months, which was the youngest record at that time. (This record was later broken by Yokozuna Kitanoumi)

Place of Birth Hokkaido, Kitami District, Teshikaga Town
 Date of Birth May 29 1930
Real Name Koki Naya
 Affiliated Sumo Stable nishonoseki
Debut Date September Tournament, Showa 31 (1956)
Retirement Date May Tournament, Showa 46 (1971)
Makuuchi Tenure 69 tournaments
Makuuchi Record 746 wins, 144 losses, 136 rest
Winning Percentage 0.838
Number of Championships 32 times
Height 187 cm
Weight 153 kg
Date of Death January 19, Heisei 25 (2013), at the age of 72

Third Place: Chiyonofuji 

The small-bodied Grand Yokozuna who was the first in the sumo world to receive the People’s Honor Award. Nicknamed “Wolf” for his sharp gaze and slender body, he had a superbly trained body, explosive power, and speed. With 31 championship wins, a 53-match winning streak, and a total of 1045 wins, he built an era in the sumo world as a Yokozuna.

Place of Birth Hokkaido, Matsumae District, Fukushima Town
 Date of Birth June 1, Showa 30 (1955)
Real Name Mitsugu Akimoto
 Affiliated Sumo Stable kokonoe
Debut Date September Tournament, Showa 45 (1970)
Retirement Date May Tournament, Heisei 3 (1991)
Makuuchi Tenure 81 tournaments
Makuuchi Record 807 wins, 253 losses, 81 rest
Winning Percentage 0.761
Number of Championships 31 times
Height 183cm
Weight 127kg
Date of Death July 31, Heisei 28 (2016), at the age of 61


In this article, we introduced three great Yokozuna of the sumo world: Hakuho, Taiho, and Chiyonofuji. These Yokozuna have supported the popularity of sumo through three eras: Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa. Each of them symbolizes a different era and has continued to captivate audiences with their strength and skill. It’s very exciting to think about what kind of Yokozuna will be born in the future. There are many other great Yokozuna, and we look forward to introducing them in future opportunities

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